How to be more creative and innovate?

Hello Steemians! How are you today?

I’ve been thinking about my previous publication. Do you remember my two personalities? Well, I am determined to explore my “English personality” and I think this is an excellent way to practice and improve.

Today I’ll talk about creativity and innovation. Recently I’ve been evaluating
Several strategies to grow in Steemit. As you can see, writing in another language is one. Everyone enters this platform for the money, this is not a secret for anyone. But, many people leave after a term on this site because they don’t have the result they want. So, my question is, what is the formula for success in Steemit? How to become a big fish in this ocean? 🐋

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I’m not an expert, but I think the secret is to innovate. You should find something to stand out in this ocean. Come on think out of the box. Explore your imagination, create incredible and originals posts. Maybe this is not the only one job for succes, but for me is part of the formula. You’re right, It listen easy but really is hard to do.

I share with you my tools to be more creative and innovative. Let’s start!

1) See your surroundings. You can find inspiration in small things if you look in detail.
2) Don’t Discard crazy ideas. Sometimes this crazy ideas are the best ideas.
3) Believe in your ideas, write things you love it.
4) Read a lot of articles, Maybe you find inspiration (No copy, only inspiration)
5) The Practice make a master. After a long time your brain will think good ideas without you knowing.

Remember “Think out of the box”

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